First of all, what is ASO? There are plenty of definitions that you can find, but there’s one that I like.

ASO are methods for increasing visibility of your app for relevant organic audience and improving metrics that are centered around maximizing the number of installs.

Why is this important…

While working on I also held webinars on different ASO subjects. All of them are in Russian so good luck with that :)

The first one is about keyword optimization:

The second one is about mobile marketing in general:

And the last one is about localization:

All of them were very fun to do and are quite informative.


It happens that ASO-optimization tactics don’t work at all or as expected. But sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. It especially applies to indie-developers or small companies who have to do many things by themselves or people who think that their app is absolutely the best when…

Andrey Vlasov

Technical Product Manager who works in crypto and is interested in gamification, psychology and escapism.

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